Need space for your stuff?

Whether you've sold your house pending that big move and waiting to move into a new one in a few months' time; if you need space to store extra retail stock; for anything you simply aren't ready to say goodbye to; or running a small manufacturing business, then look no further than our self-storage units.

Boutique Spaces currently has 120 brick and mortar modern, clean and secure units in Benoni, Western Extension, where you can safely store your goods until you need them.  This number will be expanded to 200 once our site in Lanyon Road, Benoni, is completed during the first half of 2020. The ongoing demand for storage space means that we will continue to expand the storage portfolio as suitable locations become available.

We only build storage facilities that answer 'Yes' to the questions: "Would I store my own goods there?" Which is why we build them in safe residential suburbs, rather than in industrial areas.

24-hour security and strict access control means you can have peace of mind while your goods are in our care.

Self storage units are currently available at both of our two sites (shown below):