About Our Space

Boutique Spaces has a total of 8 000 square metres of lettable space. Our properties are in demand for their quality, prominent location, design philosophy and high standard of finishes. They are all relatively new, the oldest having been constructed in 2010.  Each of our commercial spaces support various design alternatives that can accommodate tenants' needs through the use of dry-walling and glass partitioning.

Our storage units are modern and easily accessible. Security of the properties, the people who use them and their respective belongings are of utmost importance to us. All our storage properties are secured with brick walling, have 24-hour security and electric fencing.

We believe that the outdoor environment is just as important as the inside office space and we therefore strive to create 'living' spaces where you can relax, as well as work.

Our credentials

Our property portfolio was developed by a NHBRC-registered team with more than 50 years' experience in the construction field. Included in the team is a chartered accountant who ensures that all financial aspects of the business are well managed and ethically sound.

Why us - Boutique Spaces is a family business built on family values such as trust, respect, balance, responsibility, security, friendliness and mutual co-operation. These values form the foundation of a healthy, happy family, and what we ascribe for Boutique Spaces' vision and operating practices.

Our goal is to create more spaces where people want to work, want to store their goods and want to live. To achieve that, we only get involved with properties in which we could answer "Yes" to the questions: Would I live there?  Would I work there? Would I store my goods there?


Our turnkey services

All of our properties are owned or leased and managed by Boutique Spaces. We keep everything in-house - we believe it's simpler that way:

  • No management agency in between landlord and tenant - you can speak to us directly.
  • Our hands-on approach means that we know all our tenants.
  • Our strong tenant focused relationships results in continued lease renewals and extension of relationships.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our properties remain in good condition and our in-house maintenance team makes it easy to address quick fix-ups when they occur.